Meet the Team

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Kenneth R. Beuley

Chief Financial Officer & Director of Development

Alan Lewis

Managing Partner, Industrial

Matthew Giannuzzi

Vice President, Industrial Development

David A. Hanby

Managing Partner, Retail

David S. Osterhus

Retail Brokerage Partner

Alan Marshall

Retail Development & Brokerage

Knox Campbell

Retail Partner

Graeme M. Keith, III

Development Partner

Cody Keith

Development Partner

Chase Morten

Vice President, Retail Brokerage & Development

Laura Mondrick Cheeseman

Vice President, Retail Development

William Baker

Development Partner

Jay Coleman

Office Partner

Patrick Faulkner

Senior Partner, Healthcare Development

Sam Walker

Vice President, Healthcare Development

Derek Salfia

Director of Construction

Eric Larson

Development Partner & Project Executive

Wendy Fulton

Development Partner & Project Executive

Beth Godfrey

Senior Project Manager

Dave Featherston

Senior Project Manager

Robert C. Combs, PE, MBA

Senior Project Manager

Will Crowley

Analyst, Finance & Development

Margaret Baughan

Project Coordinator

Lukas Braun

Associate Project Manager

Taryn Stetson

Project Coordinator

Ed Benton

Director of TKC Management Services

Tina Sherrill

Division Manager

Jack Gillespie

Business Development Manager