Brian Kreefer

Vice President, Finance & Development

Brian Kreefer is the Finance Manager for the Development & Finance Division of The Keith Corporation (TKC). He joined TKC in 2013 and has assisted in over 200 transactions and secured debt in excess of $600MM since his arrival. In his previous role as a Credit Underwriting Analyst for Bank of America, he was responsible for monitoring and originating commercial real estate loans and custom credit products.

Brian brings an understanding of underwriting and credit analysis to TKC. In his role as Finance Manager for TKC, he is responsible for underwriting and procuring debt for all TKC projects, along with budgeting, financial analysis, and monitoring the TKC portfolio.

Brian serves as a primary contact for lenders and works closely with TKC’s project managers and brokers to ensure each project and asset are adequately capitalized.

Brian earned a Bachelor of Sciences degree from the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University with a specialization in Finance.

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